Nothing in Moderation - How to Successfully Gain It All Back

Long time, no post. I lost track of my path. It started as a few cheat days, a ton of traveling and not working out while I was away from home. Then I stopped doing Sunday meal prep but was still grocery shopping at least and one day I found myself in the drive-thru lane at Tim Hortons for the fourth day in a row. Old habits creeped back in and pushed out my good habits. My relationship got more serious so long distance travel back and forth to him increased even more, messing up what had become an extremely fit yet mundane life of meal prep, work, crossfit, eat, sleep, repeat. Before I started slipping I had noticed my repetitious life was becoming slightly unhappy. I started savoring delicious cheat meals daily without my waistline changing. Then one day, about six months ago, my pants were tight and tighter and tighter. And now I look in the mirror and am unhappy with what I see. However, I know how I was successful last time and I know I can do it again. This time though, I want to figure out a way that I’m not sacrificing my happiness by riding an endless hamster wheel to a fit body. I want happy mind and fit body. There has to be a way to have both!

So to start, I’m going to set a couple small goals for the next 30 days and then build on those.
1. Use MyFitnessPal daily - It worked last time. It held me accountable to my activity and my food. I need a food journal.
2. Drink a fuck load of water daily
3. Eat Clean
4. Get moving - I need to motivate myself to get back into some, any routine to burn some calories. I’m leaving this one vague for now.

What’s harder than the Tough Mudder?

CrossFit after not going for three months. Life has gotten in the way, bad foods have creeped back into my life, and CrossFit took a back burner to renting my lower apartment, driving back and forth to Vermont to see my boyfriend and work stuff.

The Tough Mudder was hard but I really enjoyed it. Tonight’s WOD I did not enjoy. It was a chipper that involved jump rope (my worst issue), overhead squats, pull-ups and a mile run at the end. I sucked ballz at the jump rope and the overhead squats were pitiful. I’ve lost a ton of strength and am so far behind everyone else when I used to be at the front of the pack.

I need to refocus. I can’t make CrossFit the everything in my life anymore but it does have a place. So does eating right and working out regularly. I’m exhausted all of the time because of what I’m eating and my inactivity. At the same time, three workouts a day is not going to be a regular thing anymore.

Looking to find a balance this time!

Tough Mudder Check List
(Courtesy of My Friend Chris)
My comments are in parenthesis below each items.

Sneakers (2) Pair or Sandals For After
(I brought flip flops which felt great but then got all muddy during the walk to the car.)

Change of Clothes - Bring Hoodie
(I’d also recommend a comfy pair of sweat pants for the ride home and a warm pair of socks.)

Dry Fit Shirt
(I went with a tight workout tank top and it was perfect.)

Compression Shorts
(I wore JL rowing shorts but I wished I had worn full compression tights with my tube socks over them to protect my legs and knees more from cuts. I thought it would be too hot but the reality is that you are soaked or covered in mud most of the time so I would wear full tights down to the ankle with high socks next time, if there is a next time.)

Good Socks - Running Socks
(I wore hot pink tube socks. I was worried because they weren’t fancy running socks but it didn’t matter. They are wet within the first mile.)

Hockey Tape - Duct Tape for Shoes
(This was THE BEST decision ever. I used hockey tape. I tied my shoes so tight that it hurt the top of my feet, then I double knotted the laces followed by taping them. Then I taped a full, two rounds of tight wrap of hockey tape around the entire shoe over the knotted lace part. This kept rocks out of my shoes, which was a huge complaint from the rest of my team and kept the shoes from shifting or coming off in the mud. You want the shoes to be cemented to your feet if at all possible. The tape stayed on until Mile 7. One guy on my team wore the Vibrams and he seemed to be slipping around quite a bit whereas I was able to slog through the mud better. However, he didn’t have a lot of complaints about them at the end.)

Backpack with Your Crap - You Can Leave it at the Check-In Area
(YES. However, I kept the clothes and towels in the car. It ended up raining so a lot of people carrying bags around ended up with wet stuff. Also, I put my phone in a ziplock in the backpack - this is a sailing trick.)

Signed Death Waiver
Driver’s License

Gatorade Jellies
Safety Pins - for Attaching Goo in Shorts
(Nope. I brought tons of water for after but no Goo or Gatorade. Gatorade gives me heartburn and they had Goo on the course plus bananas and four water stations.)

(Yes, but I didn’t take any until I got home, and again this morning.)

Water Bottles
(Stayed in the car except for the bottle I brought to drink from before my race.)

Gloves - Mechanix or the like are good. Pepboys will have them.
(I used sailing gloves. I highly recommend a good pair of gloves. They protect your hands. They didn’t help with gripping things all that much but they did keep me from getting scraped up when I was crawling and pulling myself through mud and obstacles.)

(Granola bar for before.)

Ice packs in coolers - I have them for my knees for when we’re back in the car.
(Didn’t use them.)


(Yes. Stayed in the car.)

Garbage bags for wet clothes

My Amended Items
(I didn’t bring these items but I would if there is a next time, there will probably be a next time.)
Gallon of water to rinse off at the car
Q-tips or tissues for ears and nose
Sweat pants for ride home

The Obstacles
MOST FEARED OBSTACLES: Electric Eel & Electroshock Therapy Sprint
Electric Eel & Electroshock Therapy Sprint: I was most scared of these going into it and I didn’t get shocked at all. My cousin told me she did on the sprint one and even fell into the mud face first.

Eel: I slid as close to the water as possible and I only got a baby shock on my butt getting out. And the water wasn’t that cold. It felt good to wash off the mud. KEEP YOUR HEAD AS CLOSE TO THE WATER AS POSSIBLE.

Sprint: I kept my arms up to protect my head and face, and did a duck and cover run through the thing as fast as I could, and not even one shock.

It’s the half-pipe one. Pick a guy that’s catching people good, make eye contact, run as hard as you can and get your arm up there and then don’t let go no matter what.

MOST OVERRATED OBSTACLES: Arctic Enema & Boa Constrictor
Arctic Enema: When I jumped in, I was disgusting so I was looking forward to it. I kept saying I liked the “water features.” Going under a small board meant submerging my head. When I popped back up, I admit that I lost my breadth like when you jump into a cold, Adirondack lake but I was able to jump out really quick.

Boa Constrictor: There wasn’t a lot of water in them and they were easy to get through.

When you get 15+ feet above muddy water, it is scary. My trick was to get right up to the edge and jump ASAP before my brain had time to realize what I was doing. When I came up for air, it was awesome. Some people got really freaked out on this one.

I am really good at monkey bars but our start time was late in the day. The rungs spun and were full of slippery mud so I was chest deep in water immediately.

There were plenty of teammates and random other people helping each other over.

I loved the mud mile but a lot of my teammates were slipping and sliding, falling face first in mud. It looked like the perfect recipe for a knee replacement.

Bale Bonds: Hurl yourself over (or through) a stack of hay bales.
Cliffhanger: Was like hiking up a wet mountain in the Adirondacks.
Dirty Ballerina: Tons of mud. Glad I taped my sneaks on.
Hold Your Wood: Make like a lumberjack and carry a heavy log through a section of the Tough Mudder course.
Kiss of Mud: Eat dirt as you crawl commando-style under barbed wire set 8 inches from the ground.

Running through mud for miles and miles and miles. More like plodding along through mud, up and down hills, around curves. I should have ran more in preparation for it. If I could do anything differently, I’d be doing at least one 6-8 mile run per week leading up to it with a bunch of 5Ks in between. And make sure to do some hill runs because that’s what sucked the energy out of me. Honestly, the obstacles were all really fun and I looked forward to them. Our team stuck together. We would get ahead of each other during the runs but wait at the start of each obstacle and wait until all of us were through before we started running again. The one thing I didn’t expect was the spacing of the obstacles. I thought they’d be every half mile but some were really close and then we’d run for 1.5 miles. When we got to mile 4, all I could say was, “SERIOUSLY?!” Each mile just went by so slowly. But it was amazing and fun. I would do it again with my amended checklist of items and some more regular running.

Can’t help it… Corn with three eggs covered with homemade hot pepper relish has been my meal of choice for months!

Can’t help it… Corn with three eggs covered with homemade hot pepper relish has been my meal of choice for months!

The Tens! Did it last year and blogged about it so I need to look up my time. I feel like it took me 29 or so minutes last year. It was hard. The planks were THE WORST. I need to get my cardio back on point because these girls are fast when they don’t have some heavy weights to slow them down. If I could get my speed up, I could dominate. 

Worked on jumping rope for skills tonight. My singles are good now. However, the double unders are still not happening. I need to start working on them away from the gym.

The Tens! Did it last year and blogged about it so I need to look up my time. I feel like it took me 29 or so minutes last year. It was hard. The planks were THE WORST. I need to get my cardio back on point because these girls are fast when they don’t have some heavy weights to slow them down. If I could get my speed up, I could dominate.

Worked on jumping rope for skills tonight. My singles are good now. However, the double unders are still not happening. I need to start working on them away from the gym.

Hey, Bitch, You Look Like a Clown in Your Giant CrossFit Sneaks

So my inov-8 crossfit kicks arrived a couple weeks ago and I’m a little sad. The reviews said they run small so I should order a size larger than I usually wear. Since I usually wear an 8.5 running shoe, I ordered a “size larger” by getting 9.5. Well, my dumb ass has realized a size larger meant size 9 so they are a little big. I refuse to send stuff back so I’ve been wearing them. They are awesome for weight lifting wods but not so much for heavy cardio wods. Every day I have to check the wod and sneaker up accordingly. Wish they were a little smaller —> The Trouble With Ordering CrossFit Shit Online. I wish there were stores nearby that sold this kind of gear at a reasonable price.

A Yearly Fitness Reflection - Who’s that CrossFit Gurl?!

So this blog has turned into a place where I really chronicle my obsession with crossfit. If you would have told me two years ago that I’d lose the weight, keep it off, become a better athlete and then get myself involved in some kind of gymnastics, weight lifting, cardio nonsense called crossfit, I would have laughed. But here I am… jumping rope, snatching, power cleaning, pull-upping, running, swinging kettlebells, and thinking of ways to build my own affordable crossfit gym at my bf’s house in Vermont.

I’m not really sure if I can attribute my happiness to my health and my fitness but my whole life has changed since I started my weight loss journey April 11, 2011.

365 Day Recap

Things I Do Almost Every Day

  • Write a short list of things I’m grateful for and write a short list of specific things I want. (check out The Promise book or movie)
  • Pack a cooler full of clean food.
  • Have a protein shake on my way to work.
  • Drink herbal tea ALL DAY LONG.
  • Eat a healthy lunch at my sister’s every day and spend quality time with my little nephew.
  • CrossFit after work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and one weekend day. Swimming on Tuesdays.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours.
  • Stay positive.
  • Take my vitamins.
  • Don’t deprive myself of yummy treats. I probably eat more yummy treats than a should (chocolate, ice cream).

Things I Still Need to Work On

  • I need to take my dogs for longer walks.
  • My relationship with chocolate, cookies, cake and candy.
  • Remembering to take my vitamins.
  • Still working out when I visit my bf in Vermont.
  • 3 p.m. snack time.
  • Going to bed earlier.

New Goals for the Next 365

  • Weight goals. None. Not to get on a damn scale because they are evil.
  • Pull-ups. I want to nail kipping pull-ups so I can do a whole WOD with them.
  • Double unders. Now that I can jump rope, I want to get me some double unders.
  • Body goals. See how strong I can be, how fast I can get and how much I can push myself to succeed.
  • Be happy. Continue to be happy and positive and appreciate all of the wonderful things I have in life.

Things I’ve Learned

  • I am a really strong athlete.
  • I have the endurance to keep going when other quit.
  • I can keep the weight off.
  • A clean diet and some hardcore fitness let me have some treats.
  • You can open your heart up to someone even when you’ve been hurt before.

Something Clicked - I Can Finally Jump Rope!

Tonight’s wod was every minute on the minute for 32 minutes of 2 split jerk @ 65 lb., 6 mountain climber, and 13 jump rope. Most people were trying double unders but I can barely do singles so that’s what I went for…. And I killed it. Unbroken 13 over and over. Not the whole wod but close. And my speed was even better. I don’t know what happened. Everything just felt ok and I could do them! I’m really happy that things are finally clicking.

The split jerks felt great all the way through and I had plenty of power to get me through the cardio portion. I just felt strong and powerful.

New Inov-8 CrossFit Kicks - Happy Spring to Me!

Just ordered me a pair of inov-8 CrossFit shoes off one of my favorite gear whorish websites, the Clymb. Can’t wait to try them out. They had them listed over 50% off.

I think you have to be invited to be a member of the Clymb so here’s the link to do that… I also get a $25 credit if you buy some too.

My soon-to-be new CrossFit kicks - 

Women’s F-Lite 230

I rocked it rx like a boss! The squat part of the dumbbell snatch squats were brutal. Washing this wod down with eggs and almost a whole pound of pasture grown bacon from my bf’s farm. Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

I rocked it rx like a boss! The squat part of the dumbbell snatch squats were brutal. Washing this wod down with eggs and almost a whole pound of pasture grown bacon from my bf’s farm. Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

Day 3 - Not So Sweet WITHOUT MA SUGAH!

I broke down around 11:40 this morning when a vendor walked into my office with a box of small pastry things. I was on a conference call and waved her off at first but she pushed the box closer. My mind went into a tailspin. I watched as my right hand moved toward and into the box, pulling forth a flaky, delicious little pastry. I whispered her a guilty thank you as she skirted away. And there, sitting on my notebook, was a delectable looking pastry item with sugar clearly sprinkled across the top, begging to be eaten… and so I did. I’d like to say I am strong but even the strong have their weak moments. I will admit that it was every bit as delicious as it looked. So Day 3 and I splurged, cheated, broke down. Whatever. It’s still better than cheating numerous times per day.

We are not all perfect. I am already back on track. I ate my usual tuna sandwich item with a whole bag of steamed veggies for lunch and I’m about to have a clean 3 p.m. snack.

I’m going to try very hard this weekend to be strong.

CrossFit recap photo and what’s keeping me from stuffing my face with ice cream, cookies and chocolate - three eggs and a bag of steamed corn. Here’s to a successful end of day 2.

My hands are destroyed from the monkey bars but I shall spare you all a photo.

Day 2 - No Sugar - Spring Cleaning for the Bod

So far, so good. Around 3 p.m. I really wanted candy and food in general so I went for a couple hard boiled eggs and some almonds. It didn’t really do the trick but I’ll live. Tonight I have crossfit at 6:30 so I just need to make sure I stay on track for dinner and I’ll make to Day 3 with no problems.

I want to eat sugar, candy, cookies all of the time. I just need to stop thinking about it. Maybe it will go away….

On another note, crossfit is going really well. Lots of insane workouts Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and one weekend day. I’ve been swimming on Tuesdays when I can. That means I take Fridays and a weekend day off, sometimes the whole weekend. I stopped going to the gym in the mornings just because crossfit was so hard on my body that I feel like I need the extra rest and the morning workout is unnecessary.

I’d like to lean out more but I’m not really focusing on it aside from cutting the sugar from my diet. I’m not worrying about portions or calories. If I can kill it or grow it, I can eat it. The End.

I Made It!

Made it through day 1 of no sugar. I decided to eat a whole bag of steamed corn for dinner along with my eggs because the sugar in the corn might help stave off cravings. I think it worked. Here’s to a successful day 2 tomorrow!

Day 1 of Cutting the Sweet - A Spring Cleaning for My Body

So a coworker is doing the Whole 30 and she asked if I’d eat clean with her for the next 30 days starting today.

I am deciding not to do the Whole 30 and to just eat clean instead because I think I need the carbs. Where I need to clean up my diet is the sweets. I’ve let them creep back into my life and I am definitely a sugar addict. So I’m going to stick with my usual way of eating for the next 30 days minus sugar, sweets, candy, cookies, cake and chocolate. I might die. Chocolate has been part of my diet even through my weight loss/get fit journey but, as of today, I’m cold turkey.


As of the middle of the afternoon, I skipped the candy jar that I’ve usually hit at least twice by now. And tonight I will not be partaking in the stealing of my roommate’s junk food, ice cream or chocolate.

I’ll be curious to see what cutting the sweets will do for my fitness, weight and overall well-being since I already eat pretty clean.