Eat shit, feel like shit, it’s that simple.

Think about it, you feel like crap when you eat crap but why do we continue to do it. Because it’s delicious, because our brains love eating crap, because our taste buds love it? Who the F cares? Within an hour or a day, you feel like shit and then you get tired and lazy. Then every day you’re tired and lazy and you can’t figure out why. It’s because you’re consuming shit.

So stop doing it. That’s the hardest part. Breaking the cycle. And when you cheat, you not only feel guilty for cheating, but you also feel like shit again and crave more shit. Shit sucks.

The last couple days, I’ve eaten clean 100% and I may have gone over on calories a bit but I feel awesome. Without the processed sugar destabilizing my energy, I feel good throughout the day. I feel stronger. It may just be a mental thing, but I’m convinced it’s real.

Last night I walked for 90 minutes with the dogs and my new roomie. It was really hot but windy so it felt wonderful. Then I mowed the lawn, watered the garden and tinkered around, did three loads of laundry and spent two hours finally cleaning my room that looked like a clothes hurricane hit at 150 mph. My house is clean, I didn’t stop moving until I fell asleep, and I woke up feeling like I accomplished something.

One day at a time. No crap. Never. Not happening today or this week.

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